Turbocharger TKR-9-12 (17) right

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Turbocharger TKR-9-12 (17) right
Engine JAMZ-8503.10; JAMZ-38504.10-02, -12
Vehicle CHZPT
Weight,( kg) 18

Rotation angle ao:


Rotation angle bo:

The diameter of the compressor wheel (mm): 102/68,3
The diameter of the turbine wheel (mm): 96,5/86,6
The rotor sharf speed (rev/min): 50000
The maximum degree of pressire increace: 1,8
Productivity 0,25-0,35
Permissible gas temperature before the turbine Co without teme limits: 650
The adiabatic efficiency of the compressor (max): 0,8
Efficient turbine effeciency (max): 0,64